Why is there no-such thing as a wireless webcam?

Answer They exist, as earlier posters have linked. But they aren't as great of an idea as they might appear at first glance... Think about security issues for a second- do you really want ANY computer w... Read More »

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Can you use a wireless USB with a webcam?

Wireless USB can be used with webcams that are designed for wireless use, although the webcam will have to be plugged into a power outlet. Wireless USB is capable of speeds up to 110 Mbps at distan... Read More »

Is the wireless webcam Will Smith uses on I Am Legend currently consumer available?

Are Wi-Fi and wireless internet the same thing?

Wi-Fi are wireless internet are not the same thing. Wi-Fi is the name for a class of device that uses a certain industry-accepted wireless networking protocol to transmit data. Wireless internet ... Read More »

Is there such thing as a wireless Ethernet?

You need a wireless bridge or gaming adapter. Those act like wireless receivers but connect to your device with Ethernet. Some (very few) routers have a bridge mode as well. You basically setup the... Read More »