Why is there no-such thing as a wireless webcam?

Answer They exist, as earlier posters have linked. But they aren't as great of an idea as they might appear at first glance... Think about security issues for a second- do you really want ANY computer w... Read More »

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Is there such thing as a wireless Ethernet?

You need a wireless bridge or gaming adapter. Those act like wireless receivers but connect to your device with Ethernet. Some (very few) routers have a bridge mode as well. You basically setup the... Read More »

Is There Such A Thing As A Wireless HDMI Cable?

Theoretically yes.(maybe in the 24th century) But your question by very definition is meaningless. IT would not then be a cable.

Are There Such Thing As Wireless Head Phones?

yea they make them, but some still have a wire leading to the wireless Receiver. you might want to look into an mp3 player with bluetooth on it that might suit your needs better

Is there such thing as Wireless Speakers for Home Cinema System?

Yes but the quality is naff. The quality of the speaker cable between amp and speaker makes a huge difference, cable can be very expensive. Wireless ones have their advantages of no messy cables ... Read More »