Why is there no stigma surrounding male masturbation?

Answer Because from time immemorial, women have been idolized as being pristine. We aren't supposed to menstruate, salivate, defecate, flatulate, urinate, sweat, get hungry, get angry, get cranky, or hav... Read More »

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What is a stigma in a flower?

The stigma is the ovary of the flower--the female part. The male counterpart is the stamen. The stigma is covered in a sticky substance so that pollen will adhere to; The f... Read More »

Types of Stigma?

Humans possess a deeply embedded need to belong. Feeling loved and needed brings confidence and happiness. When the need to interact and belong is denied through stigmatization, it can have disast... Read More »

How to Cope With Stigma?

So what's normal? The setting on a clothes dryer? The way the other guy acts? What if he's not really normal, either? You don't 'act normal.' You act natural. That's different for everyone and uniq... Read More »

What is a plant stigma?

hi there the male parts of the plant: anther, filament, pollen female parts: stigma, style, ovules, ovuary first the pollen from the anther, which is the top stem, is rubbed on a pollinator or ... Read More »