Why is there no people in the Google Earth satelite images?

Answer There are people, they are just really hard to see. They are so small and there is no shadow because they take the satellite images when the sun is directly above them.

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Why there aren't any people on the steets on satellite images from google earth?

Perhaps the reason why people don't show up is that the images are high resolution aerial photos but still only using 2-foot pixels, which is about the size of a person from above, so a person will... Read More »

How old are the images on Google Earth ?

My car is parked out side my house and I moved in two years ago.

Why are images on Google Earth outdated?

Time keeps on ticking. Your maps will get updated about once every two years or so. Otherwise, terrorists would use it to attack our country. Hey, it's free. Good luck and Happy Computing!

When is google earth going to update its images?

Google progressively updates its image database. Usually it summarized in its newsletter. There are also blogs detailing where and when Google updates images. http://googlesightseeing.comCheck & se... Read More »