When did plant life appear on Earth?

Answer While there are is no fossil record of plants more than about 480 million years old many scientists now believe that plants have been around far longer. Modern-day research of plant genetics points... Read More »

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Is there life on earth that does not contain water?

There are no lifeforms now known that do not contain water. Water is essential to all known living organisms; its presence on Earth is one of the many factors that make this planet a suitable envir... Read More »

Why Is Water So Important to Life on Earth?

Every living organism on the face of the Earth relies on water for survival, from the smallest microorganism to the largest mammal, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (N... Read More »

Ways in Which All Life on Earth Is Dependent on the Sun?

The sun plays an essential role in sustaining life on Earth. When traced back, every necessity that plants, animals and humans rely upon involves this single star. First, the sun provides sustenanc... Read More »

What is the Earth's top layer that supports plant life?

The top layer is known as the crust. The Earth's crust is its uppermost layer, and also the layer upon which life as we know it flourishes. All rocks, soil, plant and animal life exist on this top ... Read More »