Why is there horizontal lines in computer monitors when it is seen on TV?

Answer Because of the difference in the refresh rates of computer monitors and the frame speed of the TV.Your eye doesn't see it, but your monitor refreshes the screen between 60 and 80 times a second, de... Read More »

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Can I eliminate the horizontal lines from my computer screen?

It can be caused by 3 different things1) the monitor needs to be degaussed. The way to do this varies too much to say how here other than to go to the onscreen menu and look for a synbol of a magn... Read More »

What causes horizontal lines to run down a CRT TV?

LG 42LH30 tv has horizontal lines?

Horizontal Lines on the Image?

I'm assuming that you have a digital camera. If, after d'loading the files to the computer, you still have horizontal lines, what's probably happening is that the electronic connectors are coming l... Read More »