Why is there height limits for cars?

Answer so they don't crash

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I know that there are cars that are considered "girl cars" are there motorcycles like that too?

only if a girl is riding it does it officially become a 'girl's bike', although i have yet to see a cruiser that comes out of the factory with a hot pink paint job; then i could see that could be a... Read More »

The Effects of Ramp Height on the Velocity of Toy Cars?

Most kids think that the higher they build their car track, the faster their car will go. To a certain extent, this is true. A longer and higher track will indeed give your toy car more time to pic... Read More »

Are There Term Limits for Senators?

According to the United States Constitution, there are no term limits for United States senators. Article 1, Section 3 of the Constitution outlines the election term of each senator as six years. S... Read More »

Should there be age limits to use this site?

They would sneak on anyway. No point really.