Why is there an expiration dates on plant packages?

Answer If you mean seed packages, its because seeds are less likely to germinate after the expiration date. Some seeds can remain viable for centuries if they are kept in a cool, dry place, and other seed... Read More »

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Expiration Dates on Canned Foods?

Canned food can be as nutritious as fresh or frozen food and can help shoppers save money. Canned food expiration dates ensure food quality and safe food consumption.

Do fire extinguishers have expiration dates?

Fire extinguishers expire, although there typically is no predetermined expiration date. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc., "Over time, the seal on the n... Read More »

How do I read expiration dates on soft drinks?

Find the DateLook on the can or bottle to locate the soda's expiration date. It will typically be stamped on the bottom or very top and have three letters followed by four numbers. Example: OCT1810... Read More »

Car seats and expiration dates. Did you know this?

Yes... I found out that and so much more when I went looking for solid info when my #2 was born. There is 7 yrs between the two of them and I was looking for replacement parts for my son's 'backup... Read More »