Why is there a vacuum in a flask?

Answer Because the moisture in the food freezes. Short term, you can prevent this with a tight fitting seal around your frozen package. Long term? There's not a whole lot you can do.

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Who invented the vacuum flask?

The vacuum flask was invented by Sir James Dewey in 1892. This was a breakthrough because it allowed liquids to be stored and kept warm for an extended period of time.Source:Cryogenic Society of A... Read More »

What is the minimum vacuum pressure a vacuum pump should have for a vacuum bag repair?

Answer yesThis answer is not correct. Please note accompanying discussion and the associated hyperlink to a science fair study. Dea. Steve Johnson

What to use a a flask? several pages in the book before you put the flask hole in it

What is a flask used for?

A flask is a container that is usually used to hold liquor. Flasks are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials, such as stainless steel, plastic, leather and pewter. You can purchase ... Read More »