Why is there a vacuum cleaner in Mario?

Answer That only works if the oven is ON .

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Are there any recalls on Kenmore vacuum cleaners because the switch doesn't shut the vacuum cleaner off?

There may or may not be. With a model number, it might be possible to check. Or you could use the toll free number and ask a representative point blank. Make sure you have that model number, a date... Read More »

A vacuum cleaner uses 800 W of power The voltage source is 100 V What is the current flowing through the vacuum cleaner?

How does the fan inside a vacuum cleaner cause the vacuum cleaner to pick up dirt?

The fan powered by a motor creates suction which pulls the dust into nozzle (head) into the bag, filters or cyclones.

Why isn't there air in vacuum cleaner?

Yes, it lasts for a couple weeks in the fridge, sealed. But you'll lose intensity/ taste.