Why is there a sun icon behind the facebook icon on the yahoo toolbar?

Answer sun icon behind the facebook icon is nothing but a way t notify you there is a facebook updates on you account :)You can right click and disable the yahoo toolbar!!or you can uninstall it using "ad... Read More »

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What is the triangle icon that appears left of the bluetooth icon on iphone 4 display?

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My favorites icon has dissapeared- how do I restore it to toolbar?

How do I add a new file icon to the Internet Explorer toolbar?

Open up Internet Explorer. Right-click on the IE toolbar, which is where the "Home," "Print" and "Page" icons are located. Select "Customize Command Bar" from the menu. Click on "Add or Remove Comm... Read More »

How do i add the file icon in an internet explorer toolbar?

Select the "Tools" menu at the top right of the browser. Select "Toolbars" from the options that appear, then "Menu Bar." The "Menu Bar" will appear at the top of the browser. "File," "Edit" and "V... Read More »