Why is there a need of child representatives in the parliament?

Answer No. Sometimes this will be virtually impossible. Its important to remember that the class the child is in will have work set that the government sees an average. In other words, what the majority o... Read More »

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How old does a child need to be to decide where child want's to live Or when to say when they want to go to ones parents house when it is there time there?

How many Virginia state representatives are there?

The Virginia Senate has 40 representatives. There are 100 representatives in the Virginia House of Delegates. Eleven Virginians are seated in the U.S. House of Representatives. Like all states, Vir... Read More »

Okay, so if you can love any child, then why are there so many children in foster care who need parents?

well that seems to be the crux of the matter. It seems that some people while saying they can love ANY child, really mean they can love any healthy infant and would rather hold out until they get o... Read More »

Recently there was a Male child singer on Oprah Winfrey Show . I need to Know His Name.?