Why is there a lump in my ear?

Answer Thats perfectly normal I have it in my ear to from when some one pierced my ear as a child.Your ear isnt made of muscle but of cartlidge, this tissue is different to the rest of the body, it has a ... Read More »

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Why is there a lump in my breast?

Breast lumps are not just an adult woman's health issue; they may occur at any age in men and women. Fortunately, most breast lumps are normal and not a sign of a more serious medical condition.Fac... Read More »

I'm scared, I have a small lump behind my right ear and 1 lump half way between my shoulders and neck?

It might just be lymph nodes,those are usually harmless,it just means you body is fighting off an infection,where you sick?if your doctor informed you that your fine then most likely you are,i have... Read More »

Is there a penalty for taking a lump sum payout on a pension at 55?

Yes. If you withdraw funds from your pension account when you are 55 years old, you will incur a 10 percent penalty on the withdrawal. Together, taxes and penalties will consume approximately 45 pe... Read More »

There is a lump on my friend's vagina what could it be?

Might be a cyst or an infected hair. If it doesn't appear to be infected then it might be a cyst, wart, or tumor. Better to have it checked. Tell your friend to call her local family planning (p... Read More »