Why is there a difference between the Kelley Blue Book& NADA book?

Answer The primary difference between Kelley Blue Book automotive values and the NADA Guides is the basis on which they each arrive at their separate automotive values.Les KelleyIn the 1920s, Les Kelley b... Read More »

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Is there a Kelley Blue Book for boats?

According to Kelley Blue Book's FAQs page, the company offers values of autos, personal watercraft (jet ski), motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles. However, the company states it does not offer the va... Read More »

Do Kelley Blue Book prices change monthly or yearly?

Kelley Blue Book (KBB) used car prices and values are not updated monthly or yearly; they are updated every week. Used vehicle depreciation varies depending on current market conditions and trends,... Read More »

Definition of Fair, Good & Excellent in the Kelley Blue Book?

Originally published as "Blue Book of Motor Car Values", the Kelley Blue Book has been in use since 1926, when Les Kelley, a used car dealer, realized that his car valuation list (which he'd been u... Read More »

Is there a BIG difference between DVD and Blue Ray and if so then what is it?

DVD's can be upconverted to near BR quality if the u/c goes up to 1080/24p. The widescreen and hi-def quality DVDs work best for upconversion and all DVD's have the screen width info in small prin... Read More »