Why is there a deadweight loss on personal income tax?

Answer There are deadweight losses on almost all forms of taxation and the personal income tax is no exception to this rule. The reason why is that income taxes change behavior and taxes which change beha... Read More »

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How to Report a Loss on a Stock Sale on Your Personal Income Taxes?

Stocks are a common investment vehicle. Stocks can help fund retirement, college educations and many other dreams and desires. Stocks can gain value over a period of time, but they can also just as... Read More »

If one received a financial compensation for loss of limb from an insurance company is that money taxable and should it be included as income for income tax in Ontario Canada?

That is going to depend on your destination. For example, if you are flying into the United States you could opt to get travel insurance from American Visitors Insurance, a well known travelers' he... Read More »

What does loss of income mean on an insurance policy?

Loss of income on an insurance policy covers the amount of income that the policyholder was unable to earn due to a claim, such as tornado, hurricane, or another act of God. Loss of income may also... Read More »

Income Property Operating at a Loss?

Although investors buy real estate to make money, like any investment, it is also possible to lose money on it. While capital appreciation can be a benefit, being in a negative cash flow position w... Read More »