Why is there Lines on my Kindle Fire and where can I (10 points for best answer!)?

Answer Try bringing it to your local computer shop. They might be able to replace the screen for you. Or if you contact Amazon and tell them your problem they might repair it for a fee.It sounds like the ... Read More »

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Where can I fix my Kindle Fire (10 points for best answer!!)?

it would cost more to fix then its worth.sell it for parts and buy a new one.

Is there anyone who hav changed there laptops graphics card pleeeeeeeeeez answer my question 10 points best an?

No, you can't. You can't get the components. You will need to buy a new laptop, sorry. You can change it easily at all, as you need to dismantle the laptop and find another Gpu for the laptop. You ... Read More »

Please help Simmers out there ! 10 Points Best Answer !?

Hey, I watch Quxxn too!Anyway, as far as that glitch goes I think I only get half of it. Quxxn said that her Wolf would transform and be stuck like that. With my game it just skipped tbe full moon ... Read More »

Where can i find curly hair extensions 10 points to best answer! ?

You can try to order online, we alway buy human hair extensions from this company which is good quality but cheap price, they are a professional manufacture of hair extensions for many years in th... Read More »