Why is there Lines on my Kindle Fire and where can I (10 points for best answer!)?

Answer Try bringing it to your local computer shop. They might be able to replace the screen for you. Or if you contact Amazon and tell them your problem they might repair it for a fee.It sounds like the ... Read More »

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Where can I fix my Kindle Fire (10 points for best answer!!)?

it would cost more to fix then its worth.sell it for parts and buy a new one.

Would a screen protector fix the three lines on my kindle fire screen?

Three lines? Sounds like it has some damage that would need actual fixing- or replacing the screen.A screen protector won't fix this, but will protect from future damage.

Kindle users: question about Kindle Fire ($159) & Fire HD ($199)...?

- Yes you can surf the internet just like you do on your computer (Almost same). - Wifi connectivity for both devices you have mentioned- The model you are talking about is the one with 3g and only... Read More »

Will a kindle fire case fit a 4th generation Kindle?