Why is their a new law that we all have to have new digital TVs by 2009?

Answer It's NOT a's a MANDATE...The FCC has MANDATED that TV stations will turn off the OLD Analog transmitters on Feb 17, 2009 and no longer transmit with that equipment....Those frequencies wi... Read More »

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Is it true that after Jan. 2009, I will have to rent a converter box for my TV even if I buy a new digital tv?

It depends on what lever of service you get with your cable. Many channels are being migrated to digital on their systems, to make room for more and more HD channels. Their digital format has to ... Read More »

What do you put on babies that have a rash on their feet and have Spina Bifida?

What year is it that you have to have digital tv?

Actually you don't need a 'digital' TV. Although the deadline in the US for all broadcasts to be digital is February 17, 2009, all this means is that there will not be any analog signals after tha... Read More »

Is it fair that folk can have have loads of debt written off while others struggle to pay their way?

i've never been a big fan of the 'sooner than later' attitude of some people. i think to be fair that most of the extreme debt occurs with job losses, and people trying to survive til they find an... Read More »