Why is the wing span on B-52 so long?

Answer To help it to fly

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How long is the span of the queen ant?

A queen ant can live a long life. A queen ant typically lives about 15 years, but a queen ant in captivity in Europe lived 29 years. Worker ants typically live about seven A... Read More »

How long of a wing does a false vampire bat have?

The false vampire bat has a wingspan of up to 3 feet, making one wing a little under 1.5 feet long when you consider the width of the bat’s body. The false vampire bat lives from Mexico through S... Read More »

Terrorist group that typifies each of the following types of terrorism left-wing right-wing ethno-nationalist and religious?

They don't need to. The age limit has been extended to 42.

The host wing should provide training when there is more than one wing assigned to the base?