Why is the tooth fairy so cheap at times?

Answer Yea, I know. Tooth Fairy is handing out Pepsodent instead of Crest these Dollar Store toothbrushes are replacing the good Oral B's...and IOU notes replace quarters under the pillow (a... Read More »

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The Tooth Fairy will be visiting soon. What is the going rate for a first tooth?

The Lilliputian humanoid creature in my house gets $1. :P

How much should the tooth fairy pay per tooth?

How to Be the Tooth Fairy?

Hey, trying to slip a prize or two under a kids pillows as a tooth fairy? Read on to find out how!

How to Sew a Tooth Fairy Pillow?

Make children a small pillow with a pocket to hold their lost teeth in anticipation of the tooth fairy. Children put their teeth into the pillow pocket before bed. When they wake up the next mornin... Read More »