Why is the sun the most important source of energy?

Answer The sun provides an unlimited source of energy to most living organisms and is the most important source of energy for wildlife and plant life. Although, solar radiation can be a problem, our atmos... Read More »

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What is the single most important ingredient in energy drinks that actually gives you energy?

What is the most used source of energy?

Fossil fuels--oil, natural gas and coal--make up 85 percent of the energy used in the United States. Oil is the single biggest energy source, fulfilling 40 percent of U.S. energy demands.Source:Dep... Read More »

What is the most efficient energy source?

The sun is the most efficient energy source we have available. While humans are still learning how best to convert solar energy into electricity, nothing on earth can rival the amount of energy tha... Read More »

Is an aerobic source of energy faster than an anaerobic source of energy?

For a fast, high-power contraction, muscle fibers employ a high-energy molecule known as creatine phoshate. This is an anaerobic source of energy that produces energy for cells more quickly than ae... Read More »