Why is the star on the California flag red?

Answer The state flag of California, also known as the Bear Flag, is based largely on the design of a flag created in 1846 by a group of American settlers in California revolting against Mexican rule of t... Read More »

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When did the Lone Star Flag become the official flag of Texas?

The Republic of Texas adopted the Lone Star Flag on January 25, 1839, with the approval of then-president Mirabeau B. Lamar. The flag was also kept as the state flag when Texas was admitted to the ... Read More »

Who made the 13-star flag?

Although Betsy Ross is often named as the creator of the 13-star flag, she may not have been the original creator. Several people besides Betsy Ross have been attributed as creators of the 13-star ... Read More »

What does the star on the navy flag mean?

The term "SEAL" stand for "SEa', "Air" & "Land", the 3 elements that a Navy SEAL is expert at unconventional warfare in. All SEAL's are trained as experts in Underwater Demolition and are trained ... Read More »

When was a star last added to the U.S. flag?

The last star on the flag of the United States was officially added on July 4, 1960. The star was the 50th to be added to the country's banner, and represents Hawaii, which became a state on August... Read More »