What is it like driving a 6 speed manual?

Answer its the same as driving a 5 speed only the 6th speed serves as your gas saver,notice ur rpm lowers when you shift to 6th gear . for you amateurs who doesnt know the diff...get an automatic shift.

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What happens if i speed on my driving test?

Safe driving has nothing to do with it Dr David.You committed a moving traffic offence, it's a Straight failure. Where did you get the 3 warnings notion from?

Does speed or bad driving REALLY kill?

It's fine and dandy that you're concentrating but what can be said for the escaped lunatic driving in the car in front of you, is he concentrating. You never know who you are driving with. You coul... Read More »

Instructions for Driving a 5 Speed Vehicle?

Driving a five-speed manual vehicle can prove to be challenging at first, but you will get used to it rather quickly. You may feel scared on hills, feeling as though your vehicle may roll backwards... Read More »

What is a safe driving speed in the rain?

On One Hand: Slow Is SafeRain can easily affect a vehicle's braking time and the driver's visibility, so slowing down to below the speed limit is generally a good idea, according to the Weather Cha... Read More »