Why is the spectrum from daylight or fluorescent light called continuous?

Answer Light has many properties of a wave, including a wavelength, and can be thought of as a continuous range of wide to narrow wavelengths. Daylight and fluorescent light fall in the center of this ran... Read More »

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What is the color spectrum of normal office fluorescent lamps?

Full color spectrum florescent bulbs are the most commonly used florescent bulbs. These bulbs fit in office lamps and light fixtures. According to, some full color spectrum bulb... Read More »

How much heat comes from a fluorescent light?

Fluorescent light produces different heat output based on bulb type and color. Temperatures of bulbs are measured in Kelvins (K) and can range from 2,600 K for soft white colors to 7,000 K for dayl... Read More »

Daylight Vs. Soft White Light Bulbs?

The difference between daylight (or bright white) light bulbs and soft white (or warm white) bulbs lies in the quality of light that each emits. Manufacturers measure quality of light, and if you p... Read More »

What is the difference between incandescent light&fluorescent light?

Incandescent and fluorescent lighting are the two most prevalent artificial light sources in the modern world. However, few people are aware of the strengths and weaknesses of these two technologie... Read More »