Why is the space bar so big on a keyboard?

Answer its easily the most used key on the keyboard and is meant to fit all positions of your hands comfortably.

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My space bar is broken on my keyboard?

Use your mouse to access the On Screen Keyboard. To open it (copy paste 'osk' in the Run window or go to main menu->accessibility->on screen Keyboard

Spilt coca cola on my keyboard, now the space bar keeps sticking,?

If this is a PC keyboard throw it away and buy a new one, they are quite cheap.Cola will leave a sticky residue and at the moment it is just the Space bar that is sticking, you may find in a few da... Read More »

Can a keyboard by cleaned underneath I see dust under my space bar how should I clean it?

If it is a normal desktop keyboard and dust is all that is underneath it. During my work experience at my library with the computer team, basically all you really need is an air can thing... I'm no... Read More »

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