Why is the sockeye salmon endangered?

Answer The population of the sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka), which is on the endangered species list, has declined over several decades as a result of natural factors and human influence.Declining Ha... Read More »

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What is sockeye salmon?

Seven types of salmon, including the cohoe and chinook, populate the Pacific Ocean. But one of the most sought after Pacific salmon is the sockeye, known for its bright red skin.HistoryThe name soc... Read More »

What do sockeye salmon eat?

Sockeye salmon eat zooplankton and insects while living in fresh water as juveniles. While living in the ocean as adults, sockeye eat zooplankton in addition to larvae, small fish and, occasionally... Read More »

How many calories does sockeye salmon have?

A fillet of sockeye salmon has 60 calories per ounce when cooked without any added oil or butter. This means that a pound would have 960 calories. For more in-depth information about the calories i... Read More »

Is the sockeye salmon a safe fish to eat?

The sockeye salmon is safe to eat. National Geographic describes the sockeye salmon as one of the smaller of the salmon that are native to the Pacific Ocean. Red salmon or blueback salmon are name... Read More »