Why is the site disappearing every time I ask a question?

Answer IT'S A TROJAN /SThis is the link you need - run it and leave it to do its thing - could take 1 hour 45 Min's max sooner the betterdefrag your PCafter install of the smal... Read More »

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Poll The The question you floss every time you brush?

Hard drive question Every time I try to install windows or ubuntu I get errors.?

Download Seatools for dos. Run the long scan. It may be able to repair your drives.

I know this is a stupid question, but do you always have the same IP address, or is it different every time?

Hello Frenzy,this is an smart question. Your IP address settings are given t you by your ISP(Internet Service Provider) and going to depend whether your account has been set to a Static or Dynamic ... Read More »

Every single site on google tagged with "this site may harm your computer"?

its happening to everyone so dont worry you dont have a virus or anything. type the address directly into the search bar for now.