Why is the regulation of body ph important?

Answer Your body's pH is a measure of the alkalinity or acidity of the body. Regulation of the body's pH is important to ensure proper internal functioning. An unregulated body pH may cause a variety of h... Read More »

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UAE: Why can't there be a regulation for controlling BO(body odor) in the workplace?

Because nobody knows what to do to correct it. You think they should just stop stinking, but the only correction anybody else knows is to fire the stinkers. They just aren't keen on doing that.

How to Learn and Understand the Regulation of Calcium Ions in the Body?

This article gives an overview about the physiology behind the regulation of calcium ions in the body of humans. Calcium ion is the major electrolyte in the body of humans. It is mostly present in ... Read More »

How to Be Familiar With the Hormonal Regulation of Water in the Body of Humans?

This article is an overview about the main regulatory mechanisms of water balance in the body of humans.

Why are bones important to the body?

Bones are the framework upon which our bodies are built. Without them, we would be mere puddles of biological matter, unsupported and unable to do most of the things that we take for granted.Signif... Read More »