Why is the refrigerator cold at the bottom and warm at the top?

Answer Answer Most units have a fan to circulate cold air and maintain the compartment at a uniform temperature. Without this, the cold air will settle at the bottom, and the thermostat will not get an a... Read More »

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Why is the top of your refrigerator cold but not the bottom part?

the top part is cold because that's where the freezer is and the refrigerator is the bottom part.

Are you saving energy if you have unplugged your refrigerator and are cooling it with ice made by the winter cold and on warm weeks you make ice in your EnergyStar chest freezer?

Answer yes of course....just a few cents a day but it will add up... but is it really worth it ?

Why is your home refrigerator not cold but the freezer section is extremely cold?

AnswerPossible causes:vents between fridge and freezer sections are clogged with ice. Warranty guy told me to unplug 24 hours, replug and everything should work out.Fautly thermostatClogged/dirty e... Read More »

Can you put warm food in the refrigerator?

It is best if you cool the food down fast by putting it in an ice bath. To do this you place the container of food in a shallow pan of ice water to bring the temp of the food down.