Why is the pickling jar with homemade dill pickles bubbling inside?

Answer Most likely, it is fermenting. The sugars or starches are being consumed by bacteria. It will result in carbon dioxide, and ethanol alcohol. The carbon dioxide is the bubbles yous see. Vinegar prev... Read More »

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How to Store Pickles for Pickling?

Pickling is a means to store many foods long-term, including cabbage, onions and beets. The term "pickle" though when used to identify a specific food is referring to a pickled cucumber. If you are... Read More »

How to Use Dry Dill Weed for Pickles?

In the supermarket, kosher dill pickles have become all the rage; these days it's almost impossible to find good sour dill pickles anywhere but in specialty shops, and then you have to pay far too ... Read More »

Are dill pickles good for you?

Thanks for the question, I'm eating my great sandwich for lunch and almost forgot my pickle. Cucumbers have vitamin C and Mustard makes otherwise tasteless healthy food good to eat which is good ... Read More »

Are dill pickles bad for our teeth?

Since it is loaded with lactic acid, yes they have a bad effect.