Why is the peer group important?

Answer Because relationships and perceptions of peer groups are strongly linked to self-respect and self-esteem. IE if you think the like you you will like yourself a little more.

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Why are peer reviews important?

Before being published in a journal, scholarly articles have to go through the process of peer review, meaning that the editor sends the piece out to specialists in the field to check for accuracy ... Read More »

Peer Support Group Curriculum Ideas?

When leading a support group, there are many curriculum ideas you can do to help kids support one another through rough situations. Teenagers sometimes have difficulty with empathy, so it is import... Read More »

Why are peer-reviewed articles important?

Educators recommend that students conduct research using peer-reviewed articles. Students, however, may wonder what makes these articles superior to other forms of secondary source research. Unders... Read More »

Why are peer relationships so important to children?

Peer relationships are so important to children because, we are love and attention starved.