Why is the number four dreaded in Chinese culture?

Answer Historically, the number four has been perceived as unlucky, and even evil, in Chinese culture, much like the number 13 in many Western cultures. While avoiding such a simple number may seem strang... Read More »

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How old is the Chinese culture?

Chinese culture as documented through written records is at least 3,300 years old, and prehistorical cultural artifacts date back about 4,500 years. The earliest Chinese dynasty appears to be the X... Read More »

Chinese Art & Culture?

The history of the arts in the region that, in 2010, comprises the People's Republic of China and Taiwan dates back thousands of years and includes some the earliest known works of painting, sculpt... Read More »

Parenting in Chinese Culture?

China is an Asian country with a population of more than 1 billion people. With that many people in one country, discipline is a major societal focus, and this carries over into parenting. The most... Read More »

Chinese Culture & Business?

Conducting business in China is different than in the West. Guan Xi, the art of relationship building, is an important tenet in the Chinese business world. Doing business in China requires adherenc... Read More »