Why is the medical profession in fear?

Answer Lightening. ... I would say that all you have to do is let time prove you're assertions to be true. ... It already is. ..... Traditional and natural forms of healing are returning to the world big ... Read More »

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Medical Profession Scholarships?

There are a variety of scholarships available to students pursuing a career in a medical or health-related profession. Sources of medical profession scholarships include organizations of medical st... Read More »

When did the medical assisting profession begin?

The profession began in 1955 when the Kansas Medical Assistants Society met to consider the formation of a national organization. The name of the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA) w... Read More »

Doctors dentists, medical profession ?

Hi, I dearly sympathize with your concern. I don't know about your dentist or physician, but in my practice, being late in treating the patient is a no-no. But, I think your doctor is being impolit... Read More »

Can anyone in the medical profession explain how multisystem failure and digixon toxicity are related?

A high or chronic Digoxin toxic level impairs cell membrane function leading to an inability to shift electrolytes across the cell membrane. As a result every major system can be effected to varyin... Read More »