I got message for winning lottery from UK international Lottery. Is it true?

Answer scam

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Sata hard disk vs pata hard disko or ide hard disk tell me difference?

SATA is Serial ATA interface small cable with high speed.PATA is parallel ATA interface with Flat ribbon cable 40/80 wires cable.PATA is now not used anymore in new systems.

Lottery Tax Law?

Taxpayers who win more than $600 in lotteries are subject to federal withholding taxes. Depending upon the taxpayer's federal tax bracket and the state in which he resides, the tax rate can be as h... Read More »

If you won the lottery today....?

I don't think I'd continue working, but I would start volunteering part time at a womens shelter, nursing home, or foster care center. I would love my children to grow up being a part of this with... Read More »

Is lottery tax free?

Lottery winnings over $600 in the United States are not tax-free. Taxes on the lottery can be up to 38 percent. This includes any lottery played by a United States citizen, even those players outsi... Read More »