Why is the keypad on a 'phone upside-down...?

Answer It's not...The computer keypad is the one that is upside down. After all, the telephone came first. :DBesides, the number pad on a keyboard came about in the 80's, whereas telephones with key pads ... Read More »

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Computer numeric keypad vs phone keypad?

It is all about what the Telephone company decided to when they cam out with touch tone phones.

How to Fix Your Keypad on Your Cell Phone?

While more and more handsets are switching to touchscreens these days, physical keypads are still the most common interface for operating your cell phone. Unfortunately, when issues develop with th... Read More »

IPhone locks me out of keypad stuck in Favorites All other apps unaffected How do you open keypad?

How to Lock a Nokia Phone Keypad?

Nokia is a cell phone company that sells a wide selection of cell phones. If you have a Nokia phone, you may wish to lock your keypad to avoid accidentally pressing keys while the phone is not in u... Read More »