Why is the image formed by a pinhole camera inverted?

Answer The light rays coming from the top and bottom of the object intersect at the pinhole.

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What will happen to the image of a pinhole camera if the size of the pinhole is increased?

How is a negative formed with a pinhole camera?

A pinhole camera creates a negative in nearly the same way as a regular camera does. The main difference is that a pinhole camera has no lens to sharpen the image, producing a softly focused result... Read More »

What changes occur to the image if the object is moved away from the pinhole camera?

Essentially, it'll just get a bit smaller.As a pinhole camera has "infinite" depth-of-field, the image won't really get sharper or anything.The only other real effect would be if there's a change i... Read More »

What kind of image is formed inside a lens camera?

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