Why is the freezer at the the top of the fridge?

Answer It is less expensive to manufacture the freezer on top. Better, and more expensive, refrigerators have the freezer on the bottom or, of course, a side by side.

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My samsung American fridge freezer beeping, not giving me water and freezer temp going up?

Hi, if I were you I would just get rid of that freezer and replace it with another one, since your husband seems unable to fix it. This is because your food in the freezer should not be repeatedly ... Read More »

How do you clean a fridge and freezer?

Answer Remove all food and keep in a cold place. Best to do this when your fridge/freezer is nearly empty. Switch off at socket and leave the doors open to let the freezer defrost. You sometimes g... Read More »

Why is the freezer compartment at the bottom of the fridge?

Some freezers are designed differently, not all refrigerators have the freezer compartment on the bottom. My fridge has the whole left side of it as the freezer compartment. So it all just depends.

Fridge and freezer in garden shed?

Do the police check that sort of thing in your area?Usual safety tips about being exposed to water etc applies.Try this for more info: