Why is the food web important?

Answer A food web depicts which organisms eat which organisms in an ecosystem. This allows the transfer of energy and nutrients between organisms to be followed and is a more complete description than a l... Read More »

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Why is food important for survival?

Food is important for survival because it contains the nutrients required by your cells to carry out their biological functions. Specifically, food is composed of six classes of nutrients; each one... Read More »

Why is quality important in food?

Anyone who has ever eaten moldy bread or cheese learned the hard way why quality assurance in food is important. Without the assurance that a food is safe to eat, we would run the risk of illness a... Read More »

Why is food storage important?

Proper food storage can keep foods fresher for longer periods of time, maximize the quality of food and preventing contamination that can cause food-borne illnesses. Storing foods at the correct te... Read More »

Why is food packaging important for the consumer?

Food packaging is a way to preserve manufactured foods and entice the customer to buy the product. But there are other reasons why food packaging is important for the consumer.ProtectionThe foods t... Read More »