Why is the fan noisy on a computer?

Answer Computers have many moving parts. These all generate heat, which is why a computer contains one or more fans. Normally they run silent, or very quiet. Like anything else in a computer, they can bre... Read More »

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Computer got noisy and warmer than usual, then computer just shut down and I cannot restart it.prt 1?

It sounds like your power supply has fried. Don't try to restart it as you may cause further damage to your mainboard.

Why is my computer so noisy?

Before you start fiddling with hardware, which requires a little know-how and experience. I would recommend scanning your computer for spy-ware which kicks into life when you go online. Use lava-... Read More »

Why does the fan in my computer keep going on and off all the time. very noisy!?

Your computer sounds like it's overheating. Try checking the back where the vents are, it might be getting clogged up with dust and check the fan for dust, you will need to take the side off your c... Read More »

How to Concentrate in a Noisy Computer Laboratory?

Public computers are on the cutting edge of internet accessibility. But friends like to talk, and sometimes this invades that public space we so cherish. By taking convenient steps, you will still ... Read More »