Why is the eagle the national bird?

Answer The bald eagle has long been synonymous with the United States of America. As a symbol on currency and the national seal, it is ubiquitous in American iconography and represents many qualities earl... Read More »

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Is the golden eagle the national bird?

The golden eagle is the national bird of Mexico. On the Mexican flag, you will find a golden eagle standing on a cactus. In the golden eagle's beak and one claw, it is holding a serpent. You can al... Read More »

Which province's national bird is the sharp tailed eagle?

No species of bird exists with the name sharp-tailed eagle. The Canadian province of Saskatchewan has a bird with a similar name as its official bird, the sharp-tailed grouse or Pedioecetes phasian... Read More »

What bird is known as Mexican eagle in Texas?

The Crested Caracara is a member of the falcon family that is found in Texas, Arizona, Florida and South and Central America. This species is thought to be the bird that is depicted on the original... Read More »

What does the flamingo mean as the national bird of the Bahamas?

Flamingos are sociable birds that enjoy crowds of people. Their pinkish hue make them attractive and exotic. They are plentiful in the the Bahamas, and they represent friendliness and welcome.Refer... Read More »