Why is the download speed constantly below 2.5 Mb when I am paying for 8Mb.?

Answer You're paying for up to 8 actuallyUk phone lines are crap and high dsl speeds depend on your distance from the local exchange and quality of your phone line, so above 2mb barely anyone guarantees 8... Read More »

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When you are taking a drivers test is it best to go 5 miles below the posted speed limit?

it's best to go below the speed limit, but 5 mph seems too should be able to control your speed better than that.

Why do you think the car makers taunt us with a 100 mph+ speedometer when the speed limit is below that?

In those cases when the car gets out of your control, such as the brakes failing. Then you can know how fast your car was traveling before it went off the cliff.

How to increase download speed, and also to be connected even when internet is disconnected?

you can't download if you're disconnected. you need to be connected to your source to be able to get the files you need.

Why my Internet Connectivity speed has been decreased when i download files using Bit torrent?

hi...the torrent download speed is based on the no. of seeds....if seeds are more the maximum download speed u can when u r trying to download some torrent....check for more seeds and goo... Read More »