Why is the dough made using only egg for moisture and binding?

Answer Recipes originate as an experiment and someone tried making a recipe like Choux Paste or Pasta dough and found that it worked and tasted best when using egg as the binding agent. Pie Crust and Brea... Read More »

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Anybody made a homemade shampoo using only natural ingredients?

Castile soap. You can buy it in the bottle and dilute it 1 tbsp to 16 oz water and it lathers good. Find it at any health food store. It's a liquid and has been around since 1800's. You can use it ... Read More »

Are retainers made only for use after using braces or could they help people with just gaps in the front teeth?

Answer Retainers can be used with or without having braces just removed.

Can I make pizza dough from flour only?

Pizza dough cannot be made only with flour. Pizza dough requires yeast in order to rise, and most recipes call for some combination of flour, salt, water and olive oil.Source:Anna Maria: Basic Pizz... Read More »

How to Get Dew Point at One Atmosphere Using Moisture Content?

The dewpoint is equal to the temperature at which the air is saturated with water vapor, and therefore any additional moisture will condense and form dew. Dewpoint is determined by the humidity (am... Read More »