What does it mean if someone calls you salty?

Answer To be called "salty" stems from the phrase, "salty dog," which was a term for an old sailor (so accustomed to the sea he had become "salty"). It has come to mean set in your ways or blunt, and is s... Read More »

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no, someone didn't mix the batter properly.Baking soda that doesn't get mixed in correctly will give a salty flavor.

How to Do the Salty Card Trick?

This is an amazing trick where you guess the spectator's card.

Salty Snack Foods?

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who like sweet snacks and those who prefer salty. Salty snacks might not make a well-rounded, nutritious meal but many salty snacks have become a ... Read More »

Is rain water not salty?

Rain water is not salty, even when it comes from the ocean. Rain water is evaporated water. Salt does not evaporate along with the water, thus the rain in clouds is salt-less.References:WeatherQues... Read More »