Why is the cost of car insurance for boys higher than for girls?

Answer The cost of car insurance is higher for males compared to females because they are known to be more aggressive, risk-taking drivers. This type of driving behavior leads to a higher number of car ac... Read More »

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Red car insurance higher why?

It actually isn't higher... The reason people say that it is higher is because the color red supposedly instills "anger" in the driver making them more likely to be in an accident. This however is ... Read More »

Is insurance higher on a red car?

No. The color of the car has absolutely nothing to do with the cost of the insurance.

An insurance policy with a higher premium most likely has?

What kinds of cars have higher insurance rates?

The kind of car you have is a determining factor in how much your insurance rates will be. For example, sports cars often carry high premiums.SignificanceIf you have a high-performance sports car, ... Read More »