Why is the bypass light on cable box?

Answer it can easily be turned off by going to the main menu of your cable set top. The function of a bypass light is to allow a person to bypass the box in case your set top goes down. It enables the TV ... Read More »

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What does the bypass light mean on a Time Warner Cable box?

Cable receivers are sophisticated pieces of electronic equipment with a number of features and options. One little-used feature is the bypass, which can be toggled with the remote control. Bypass s... Read More »

How to Replace Cable Filters With a Bypass?

A cable television filter sits in-line with the coaxial cable coming from the cable service provider. The filter blocks the low-frequency signals that the cable box sends back to the provider, info... Read More »

How to Fix the Red Light on an Xbox Power Cable?

The red light on an Xbox 360 power adapter is a sign that the power supply may be overheating or is receiving a strong electrical current that might damage the console. The problem could be fixed b... Read More »

Does fiber optic cable carry heat or light?

Since fiber optic cables carry only light and not electricity, they do not generate heat. In a normal electrical light bulb, it is not the light that generates the heat, but rather the electrical c... Read More »