Why is the Keyboard LETTERS not alphabetically arranged?

Answer The QWERTY keyboard layout was designed so that successive keystrokes would alternate sides of the keyboard so as to avoid jams in manual typewriters. Is frequently said that the design was also cr... Read More »

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Why was the keyboard of the computer not arranged alphabetically?

It has the same basic pattern as a traditional typewriter. It is called QWERTY for the upper keys struck with fingers of the left hand. Since a lot data has been entered by secretaries, the keyboar... Read More »

Why are alphabets arranged RANDOMLY on keyboard and not alphabetically?

as the keyboard chip allowed it in the same mannernow developers can change that sequence but they don't cuz after changing it takes a long time to become familiar with users

Why are the letters on the keyboard arranged the way they are?

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How come letters on a keyboard are arranged in that order?

nope the most use and most eficient format is the DVORAK keyboard format. it was scientifically formulated to have all the most used keys together.the QWERTY format was developed for typewriters to... Read More »