Why is the Italian flag red, white&green?

Answer The Italian flag, often called Il Tricolore in Italian, features three equal, vertical bands of green, white and red, with green on the hoist side. There are a variety of theories on the meaning o... Read More »

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When was the Italian flag first used?

According to Life In Italy, the united Italian regions (then known as the Cisalpine Republic) adopted the green, white and red flag in 1798. However, the flag went through several design changes (t... Read More »

How did the italian flag get its colors?

While there are multiple explanations for what the colors of the Italian flag stand for, the three parts equal green, white and red came to be through many historic revisions.CompositionThe Italian... Read More »

What do the colors of the Italian flag mean?

Italy's flag is a tricolor banner of red, white and green. Italy adopted this flag in 1946, the year the nation became a republic and one year after the end of World War II.FeaturesThe Italian tric... Read More »

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