Why is the British pound called a quid?

Answer Slang words for money are common throughout the English language. Following suit, the British pound often is referred to as "quid." While the exact origin is unknown, there are a couple theories as... Read More »

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Is the british pound the same thing as pound sterling?

The pound sterling is the currency of the United Kingdom, and is otherwise known as the British pound. The pound is also used in the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, Gibraltar, the Falkland Island... Read More »

What is the value of a British pound?

As of May 2010, the value of one British pound was approximately $1.50 U.S. However, currency rates fluctuate frequently, so before making any transactions in another currency, use an online curren... Read More »

What is a British pound worth?

One British pound is equivalent to $1.43 on May 26, 2010. However, money markets regularly fluctuate, so the cost of the pound against the dollar moves up and down on a daily basis. A country with ... Read More »

How many U.S. dollars are in the British pound?

As of June 2010, a British pound is equal to $1.49. The value of the British pound fluctuates daily, but since January 2009 has averaged between $1.44 and $1.65. During 2007 and early 2008, the pou... Read More »