Movie about a black girl who has fair skin and denies her black black heritage and her mother is a servant for a wealthy white family made in the 50's or 60's?

Answer imatation of life

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Why is it that plain coffee is called"black coffee"when its not even black?

idk, but I think that it is just a term for it because it looks black to us when we brew it in our coffee pot and when we pour it into our cup and it turns brown when we add creamer to it, so in a ... Read More »

What are black cuckoos called?

The cuckoo, or Cuculidae, family has more than 128 species. Black cuckoos, so named because of their dark plumage, are also known as anis. Anis have a long tail and a ridged black beak.Source:Anis ... Read More »

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Black light room What is it called?