Why is the Amazon Rainforest special?

Answer The Amazon Rainforest is known as the "lungs of our planet," according to Blue Planet Biomes website. Located in Brazil and numerous other South American countries, the Amazon is home to numerous p... Read More »

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How big is the Amazon rainforest?

According to the Smithsonian Institute, the Amazon rainforest, or its basin, covers over 2.7 million square miles, which holds 4,195 miles of the river including 15,000 tributaries. The Amazon Rive... Read More »

Amazon Rainforest Plants?

The Amazon rainforest is incredibly important to the planet's health because of its water supply and its plant life. According to Blue Planet Biomes, half of all the world's plant species live in t... Read More »

Mining in the Amazon Rainforest?

South America is rich in natural resources and mining and minerals make up a large part of the region's economy. Mining in the Amazon Rainforest has become more prevalent in the last two decades as... Read More »

How to Visit the Amazon Rainforest?

The Amazon River system, containing the Amazon and its tributaries, begins high in the Andes Mountains and travels through 6 countries on its 4,000 mile (6,440 km) journey into the Atlantic Ocean. ... Read More »