Why is that , there is no virus in linux ?

Answer If you had the skills and knowledge to make a virus to create a havoc would you do it for a handful of Linux users or the millions of windows users?

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Linux Firewall and Anti-virus?

You'll probably never come upon a Linux virus, but you never know.Alwil software has released a version of Avast! Antivirus for Linux:…

How many anti-virus software packages are available for Linux?

There are at least ten different anti-virus programs that are compatible with Linux systems, according to the website for The Latest Tech News. Brands include McAfee, Symantec, Avira and F-Secure.R... Read More »

Where can I download a good anti-virus and anti-spyware software for linux?

You do not need anti virus or anti spyware on Linux. Linux is more secure then Windows, it is permission based system, which means so long as you are not in what is called Root Permission, you ca... Read More »

What kind of virus shows up as a virus scanner that has detected a virus? is classified as a rogue. Info here to remove it.