Why is that , there is no virus in linux ?

Answer If you had the skills and knowledge to make a virus to create a havoc would you do it for a handful of Linux users or the millions of windows users?

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Do you all think that one day there is going to be an epidemic that will break out of a rage virus?

It's not that far fetched. The Spanish flu of 1918 killed around 5% of the world population. And of course there were many other disease throughout the years that killed off tons of the world popul... Read More »

What kind of virus shows up as a virus scanner that has detected a virus? is classified as a rogue. Info here to remove it.

Did you know there is a guy on YA that is trying to give us all a virus?

The guy has been doing this for two days now. He had *at least* seven accounts deleted yesterday, but Yahoo! keeps allowing his malicious link through.After two days and literally HUNDREDS of repor... Read More »

Is there an Anti-Virus system that you can download for free?