Why is technical drawing important?

Answer Everything that is constructed requires drawings and plans to show how the different parts and pieces should be put together. Technical drawing, also called drafting, is a skill used to create the ... Read More »

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What is technical drawing?

Illustrators employ their talents in numerous fields, but technical drawing arguably serves as the most practical use of such skills. The Industrie Grafik website discusses the value of technical d... Read More »

Technical Drawing Colleges?

Technical drawings are forms of visual communication that describe a three-dimensional object in two-dimensional space. To do this, all surfaces of an object must be shown and communicated in the c... Read More »

Technical Drawing Instruments?

Technical drawing requires exactitude and so it is important to use quality precision tools. A single drawing error could make your entire design unstable. By adding drawing instruments designed fo... Read More »

Technical Drawing Methods?

Technical drawings, according to Tooley and Dingle, authors of the book "Btec National Engineering: Core Units for All Btec National Engineering Pathways," are "graphical representations of an idea... Read More »